Google has released WAVE Protocol code and intructions. The first step towards my bleeding tech thought :P


Today Google has released the code of wave protocol which allows you to run Wave Server.

Source Code

Google Wave is a new tool for communication and collaboration on the web. Watch the demo video below if you don't know what google wave is.

What is Google WAVE: The Video

Some of the key features of Wave Technology is

Real-time collaboration Video
Natural language tools Video
Extending Google Wave Video

I bet after knowing about wave technologies many of the developers are itching to use it or play with it.

Since I am Technology freak and loves to play with bleeding technology and these days got some kind of freekiness about OSGI love...(Am sure most of the technology hungry programmers can feel my thoughts) :)

A cool and interesting idea struck into my head ..AGAIN ???? O Noooo....

Calm down its just an idea at the moment. I was thinking wouldn't it be very interesting to amalgamate OSGI and Google WAVE technologies to get benefits from both technologies in Enterprise environment and Social media environment ?.

Your thoughts are welcome


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