How I beat demotivation for programming


Have you ever get demotivated from programing or the arena(language) of programming you are in ?

I will be very honest to you about how I feel. In this time of recession many are jobless in IT industry and many are struggling with there job to be in job. Yes you guessed it right I am one of the victim of recession, its being more than six months I have no job and now I am feeling rusty in programming which scares me a lot. So in-order to prevent me getting all rusted, there are few things I do to maintain my high spirits and passion for technology and programming. Below are the mentioned few things
First : I do web surfing a lot it gives me pleasure to know about latest technology about Java and its related technologies. Yes I am a core java programmer.

Second : I have subscribed to many programming news website which updates me every day

Third : I always try to get my hands dirty while trying the latest bleeding technology and playing with, it gives me immense pleasure, And no Sir, I am not a geek :)

Fourth : I always try to be regular on forum to solve problems of other for java related question. Sometime I don't mind helping other because indirectly I am learning as well

Fifth : I usually write little programs using latest bleeding technology and framework and after having an error free output, the joy I feel is worthfull

Sixth : I usually try to test and solve configuration related issues in java related technologies for example Tomcat and osgi configuration , Tomcat and jndi , Tomcat and DB connection pooling, Tomcat and apache (the Jk connector thing, I haven't tried yet though).

All the process for sure make me learn the technology and it is enjoying as well for sure.

I am thinking to start a open source project so that it will make me streamlined with programming. But I need a find a job as well

Any more tips you would like to share ?

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