BREAKING NEWS !!! Industry Reaction: VMware Acquires SpringSource


Today VMware announced they have acquired SpringSource for a mix of approximately $362 million in cash and equity plus the assumption of approximately $58 million of unvested stock and options

SpringSource founder Rod Johnson said

"Working together with VMware we plan on creating a single, integrated, build-run-manage solution for the data center, private clouds, and public clouds. A solution that exploits knowledge of the application structure, and collaboration with middleware and management components, to ensure optimal efficiency and resiliency of the supporting virtual environment at deployment time and during runtime. A solution that will deliver a Platform as a Service (Paas) built around technologies that you already know, which can slash cost and complexity. A solution built around open, portable middleware technologies that can run on traditional Java EE application servers in a conventional data center and on Amazon EC2 and other elastic compute environments as well as on the VMware platform. "

VMware said ...

SpringSource has also been a technology innovator with a mission similar to us, but focused on the application-centric areas of IT rather than on the hardware-infrastructure focus that VMware is associated with. SpringSource’s obsession has been simplifying and automating the build-run-manage lifecycle that all applications go through, and they have done so by attacking similar pockets of complexity. They bring this complexity-busting focus to several areas… high-productivity developer tools and frameworks, lightweight application server runtimes, and application management and monitoring. The end goal is very similar; attack the time and money spent on application complexity and maintenance tasks, shifting the focus to new and more reliably deployed applications.

This shared mission is what brought us together in initial partnering efforts late last year. As a combined entity, the existing efforts and missions will continue, but we’ll also work to jointly sever a whole new collection of tentacles… the ones that unnaturally tie an application to the rigid way it must be deployed and managed."

In the blog post Johnson also notes that he expects SpringSource's contributions to open source to continue and increase. Steve Herrod, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of R&D at VMware, has also commented on the acquisition.

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