How a programmer was abused for writing an article


One of the main reasons I have written this post is to share my experience and warn other fellow programmers. Please do NOT request other programmers in most USENET groups to review your article. You can get attacked.

Few weeks ago I have written a post which I think is a quality post, as a result I wanted to have a honest opinion and thoughts from other fellow programmers on USENET.

I didn't know that I will be abused and slashed into piece and my blog will be called a spam blog without even visiting it.

Below are the few remarks made on me and on my blog by some people on USENET group.

I will not support advertisements for blogspam.scam sites.
If you need an independent site that discusses Java rather comprehensively, goto xxxxx (I have removed the site address)

I mean how a person can call my blog a spam blog without even visiting it ?
It looked like he was advertising his own xxxxxx website. Don't you think so ?

The main reason why Mr A and later Mr B might have pointed you to
xxxxxx's site is because the information on the site s MORE
comprehensive, complete and correct than your blog...

But I only asked to review my post and my blog is not a tutorial website

Plonk, you thin-skinned, judgmental, condescending, sarcastic SOB. Why would
anyone be interested in an article written by you ?
Shame on you, troll.

I only asked the person not to call Asian countries as third world. I know its cold war term, but hey cold war is over so why use this slang ? (My point of view)

Your statements make it clear that you are
attacking Mr A and me for allegedly spamming Mr B web site, only because
we are getting in the way of you spamming your stupid little blogscam.scam
post and advertising scam. Well, sorry to rain on your parade, bub, but you
aren't getting rich off of these sheep.

So mush for asking their thought on my blog post. Honestly the only thing I requested was their thoughts on the post I have written and think it got quality in it.

Mr A's site is a good one, and the purpose of this newsgroup is to share
information that is useful and helpful to Java programmers. That means
sharing about xxxxx website and stopping spam/scammers like you from
perpetrating their little frauds.

Yes the purpose of the group is to share/help java programmers. That is the reason I have requested group for their thoughts

Well after that attack I decided not to contribute or request any help on that specific group. I will rather share my thoughts with the programmer community in DZone then any other rude groups.

By the way the link for the post I have requested thoughts is :

Have you ever faced this kind of attack ? Or its just only me :O

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